Monday, April 23, 2012

Best Cupcake Piping Tools

This post is dedicated to my friend Mary, who is almost as obsessed with cupcakes as I am.  After lots of ruined icing recipes, I discovered the part of the problem is in having good tools.  I've also discovered that's true with make up - it's the brushes that make the difference.  Anyway.  I use jumbo piping tools to make the big swirls.  I also started using reusable bags with the jumbo tools as when I tried to pipe through them using disposable piping bags, I blew the tip right through the bag.  I swore I would never use reusable bags as they are SO messy.  But, the reinforced tip gives you better control, they are much sturdier, you can refill them easier in the middle of icing a ton of cupcakes, and of course, more environmentally friendly.  They are a pain to clean though - you have to turn them inside out, and I put mine in the dishwasher after I've let them soak awhile.

To decorate cookies or cakes with a more defined look, or to write words, I use Duff tips. They are steel will not bend even if you hit them with a hammer (I read a blog that claimed this, so I tried it for myself - and surprise, it's true!)  Other tips I've used have bent with just the pressure of my fingers, so I was grateful to find these. 

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