Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Obsession Begins

As if the background of this
blog wasn't nauseating enough...
My cupcake obsession began the day I brought my beautiful daughter home from the hospital. MK was not a preemie, but was so tiny that her newborn hats didn't fit. When I put a hat on her to take her home, the little pink hat sort of sank onto her and looked like cupcake frosting, and the little ball on top of the hat looked like a cherry topper.  From thence forward, she became mommy's little cupcake :) 

I had originally always wanted to start a blog on product reviews. I am a sucker for anything that claims to make your life easier, or make you burn more calories, the next greatest exercise that burns fat while you eat a Snickers or just looks cool.  There's no telling how much money I've spent on funky products.  Then, my obsession with cupcakes began...not just making cupcakes (which I don't really even eat by the way), but cupcake clothes, cupcake decor, cupcake crafts, etc.  Poor MK is going to despise all things pink and all cupcakes I'm sure.  Her room is so ridiculously pink that I am sure she will turn goth just to spite the pink.  But that's OK - I am sure I can find a recipe for black cupcakes.

So, here are my adventures on ridiculous (and some actually helpful) products, cupcakes, being a mom and other random musings.  You'll probably see lots of show-off pictures too, as I am one of those mom's who will stick a photo in your face before you can even ask.

BTW, I am sure you will find lots of errors - don't bother telling me about them.  I spend all day editing other people's work, and I don't feel like editing my blog too :)

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