Thursday, April 26, 2012

Other Uses for Pacifier Clips

MK quit taking a pacifier after she figured out there was no food attached to them - right about 9 weeks.  For every pacifier she had, I had bought a pacifier clip as I didn't want to have to wash one every time she spit it out.  When she started paying with toys (and of course dropping them), I began to use some toy strings (no idea of real name) that you could snap to whatever she was sitting in (car seat, swing, etc.)  I realized I could use her pacifier clips in the same way.  Some toys work with different pacifier clips based on the type of clip they have.  The bungee made for Soothies work great on toys that have some sort of loop or hook.  Soft toys worked great with the actual clips.  They never fall on the floor - which not only is our floor dirty because of us, but we have two cats that play outside - and I only have to wash them when they've been used enough by her that it's time for some de-germing.  And, as an added bonus, the toys being clipped to something, keep the cats from playing with them.

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