Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pedalin' Perrys

The Pedalin' Perrys are coming to a park near you! Look out - we are equipped with a baby trailer, water cooler, and a little awkwardness from yours truly. When I first tried out my bike at Cahaba Cycles (bless the sales guy's heart for not laughing), I felt like I needed training wheels.  I couldn't ride that stinking bike for anything.  When we got it out at the park, the first thing I did was to not move my heel fast enough and the pedal took out a chunk of my heel - almost a month has passed and I still have a scab.  Then, after I made it safely one way towards the back of the park, I turned too fast and fell - thank goodness for helmets.  Since then, I have been slightly more graceful, but not to worry, if you see multiple bruises, there's no reason to call the authorities - unless you can report my bike for beating me up.

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