Friday, April 20, 2012

Truly Wonderful the Mind of a Child Is

My friend Trista has a head start on being the coolest mom ever - she's letting her baby boy have a Star Wars themed nursery. To celebrate her coolness, and of course little Jordan (MK's future boyfriend), several of us at work threw her a Star Wars baby shower.

The shower included Star Wars deco, Jawa Juice, Cantina Cupcakes (of course I made those), Mos Eisley Tacos, Ewok food, Wookie bites, Dark Side Bean Dip and light saber pretzel sticks. Definitely one of the memorable showers I've ever helped to throw! May the force be with you baby Jordan!

 I must give credit for the adorable Star Wars characters to

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TristaCoop said...

Such a fun shower. Thanks for heading it up.