Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Babies of Hazzard

Apparently MK is so strong and bizzarely advanced that she's become a hazard to other children in her class at school.  She's only five months (almost six) and she can fling moderately heavy toys a pretty good distance, as well as turn over her bouncy seat (while she's still in it).  PP pictures her as Godzilla in her classroom, walking around and tormenting the other children.  LOL. 

While I know I should be proud she's so advanced, I was really hoping to keep my drooling, toothless gummy baby for a bit longer.  It's a little sad to me because she's moving through milestones so fast, I feel like they will all be over too soon. With two teeth that popped in right at five months, and working on her army crawl, she's about to be on the move with no stopping her. 

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