Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Random Things I've Learned as a New Mom

Velcro bibs can velcro to other things in the wash. Get snap bibs or invest in a few delicates wash bags.
Don't bother buying a video camera. Use the one on your phone. They won't do the cute things when the video camera is out, nor will they keep doing it long enough for you to go find your video camera. Save the money for an iPad :)

Quit carrying your Coach and Louis bags once baby can grab - one they can pull it towards them, they can spit up in it :)

Baby help books pushed me over the edge and made me a nervous wreck (Babywise, etc).  As soon as I put them away, MK fell into a schedule that worked for us and she started sleeping through the night. Her routine goes against everything those books say to do, but yet she still sleeps at least nine hours at night.

Quit wearing necklaces and dangly earrings - especially nice ones. My sweet MK tried to strangle me with one of my Stella and Dot necklaces one day.

If you live in the South, install a clip fan that points at your baby's carseat. You will have many less migraines. A cool baby is a happy baby.

You will have to let your baby cry at some point - your restroom schedule and baby's napping schedule won't always coincide.

Clip fingernails when asleep only.

The baby will indeed sleep eventually. However it may not be before you lose your sanity.

Incorporate brown into the colors of your nursery - and use brown as your changing table pad. You'll be grateful.

Two words: Sleep Sheep.  A fabulous toy that induces comas.

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