Sunday, May 06, 2012


So I had my first 'dega adventure this past Saturday. The Girl Scouts were honored by the Talladega Supserspeedway and the drivers, and we also had a very cool program for girls where they got to talk to several females in the motorsports industry.

I didn't have quite the true experience as I got a little spoiled by the press passes, pit access, suite parking and hospitality access. However, I didn't miss out on ANY of the crowd. So fabulous. There are truly people form all walks of life. While I saw several people that could have easily been at a golf tournament, we did see a man carrying a baby wearing just a diaper in the hot sun with no earplugs (mental note: call Child Services before next year's race).

I will say as someone who is not into racing in any format really (except Mario Kart - that rocks!), I was pretty jazzed once I got there. There is so much to watch, and you kinda get caught up in the excitement - especially if you get to hang out on the track before the race with the drivers.

Kudos to the staff at Talladega Superspeedway for making the Girl Scouts Rock Talladega event so special - Hollie, Lindsay and Tom - and probably countless others - thank you so much!

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