Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blackberry Cream Cheese Baby Cakes

I used blackberry jam (seedless), low-fat cream cheese and sugar.  When using jam, I've noticed that you use very little - it is a liquid and can be very runny.  I recommend blending your cream cheese and sugar together first, then adding your seedless jam one tablespoon at a time.  I used a whole block of cream cheese, probably eight to 10 cups of powdered sugar and probably 5 tablespoons of jam.  This iced 72 baby cakes with probably enough to ice 4 or 5 more.  This color is natural - no food coloring.  Just a little bit of jam makes this beautiful shade of purple.

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TristaCoop said...

These were AMAZING. I may have to pay you to make some for my next get-to-gether