Tuesday, October 09, 2012

GI Scan Adventure

MK had a GI scan today to see why she was gasping for air when she coughed. Turns out the reflux is back, only it has escalated to stage 3. With a little medicine, the gasping should stop (hopefully so will mommy's heart attacks).

We had the scan done at Children's South - so MK got to ride around in a little red wagon - and had a ball. It totally distracted her from the fact she hadn't eaten in 10 hours. Her daddy took her around in it and eventually she decided there was too much traffic so she got out her key chain that makes a bunch of noises, and started honking at people.

When it was time to go in her room, she got a little wary - and then very upset when she had to put on a gown (obviously remembering her tube experience). Then all you-know-what broke loose. Because of babies' tendencies to draw up and block the X-ray, they had to bind her arms and legs. As you can imagine, that went over so well. This is a kid that doesn't even want her hand held during the blessing. Then it was time to drink the Kool-Aid flavored barium - apparently not a fave of MK. Every sip she spit back at the technicians. She spit so much that they had to go get more and force it down her throat with a syringe - that went over well too. She spit barium all over the computer, the equipment and the wall - in fact she beat the record for how far a child has spit the stuff out (gleaming with pride over here).

By the time it was over, she had barium all in her hair and all over her body. Thanks to the nurses at Children's South who put up with this feisty little monkey - not once did they lose patience or get frustrated.

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