Thursday, October 25, 2012

Living the Dream

Reminded recently about living the dream. What is your dream? You may see someone else's life or a movie as the “dream” but this morning I picked up my beautiful baby girl out of her crib smiling as she was playing with Mr. Monkey (yes, creative name, I know).

On the way home yesterday I passed a limo heading into one of Birmingham's 'fancier' hotels and I thought, "wouldn't that be nice?" but that night my husband and I had a picnic with our 11-month old at our neighborhood lake. And, tonight I'll sit down to dinner with my sweetie and we'll laugh together as the baby blows raspberries (and probably some food) at us from her high chair.

When I lay my head down tonight, I won’t be in that luxury suite, but I will be in our warm house, safely sheltered with a happily sleeping family.

When I wake up tomorrow, my heart will be smiling - which is living my dream.

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