Monday, October 29, 2012

New Blog Title

You may have noticed we have a new blog title. I never really liked the title "Little Corner of Randomness" although that truly is what this blog is. The Adventures of Bit and Button seems to also be appropriate, so we will try it out for a while and see if it fits. Bit of course is short for Bit-Bit, which was shortened from Little Bit, as that is what Mallie Kate it - a little bit. 

Button is my nickname from a long, long time ago given to me by my husband who used to say I was as cute as a button (aw).  I am not sure I am as cute as a button anymore, but we'll stick with it for now.

This blog is full of posts of Bit's adventures - adventures in walking, crawling, eating, playing, exploring, traveling, etc.  And my adventures being a mommy, chef, baker, crafter, etc. Enjoy the ride!

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