Friday, July 18, 2014

Crib Spring Photo Board

So this turned out better than I expected. This is the spring from MK's crib. She recently went into her really big girl bed, and didn't need this. I was in the middle of redoing each twins' room because we separated them and was looking for things I could repurpose. I remember seeing Pinterest post for reusing a crib spring, and I think it turned out pretty decent. It's a large piece, so it works best for a room with large walls I think. It over powered Mo's little room in my opinion.

All I did was wrap burlap ribbon around the edges since her room is already brown, cream and pink. The clothespin letters were part of a gift from my awesome and crafty friend Trista. I had to split the gift she originally made for MK and use the wired frame for Mo's room, but I kept the letters for the crib spring.

I only used a couple of glue dots to attach the burlap to the frame - it didn't need a lot of adhesive surprisingly.

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