Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tutu Bed Skirt

So I found out I am allergic to tulle through this project. Probably won't stop me from making a ton of tutus in my life though. Anyway, I ordered 40 years for this 6-foot strip. Below you can see a cheap tension rod and the bolt of tulle. There are TONS of tutorials on making these using fitted sheets over box springs, but this bed didn't need a box spring. So, I improvised.

On a flat surface, cut the blot down 1 of the sides. I had to do it in a couple of sections because the bolt was too thick. This will give you a rectangle or squares depending on the width of your bolt. Either is fine.  If the tulle doesn't cut evenly or is zigzagged by your scissors, it's fine - they all get bunched together so you can't tell anyway.

Next lay out your rod so you have room to tie knots of tulle. Tie knots down the rod. The biggest challenge of this is finding a way not to flatten your tulle and giving you room to stretch out the rod as needed. I ended up using our baby gates while the twins were napping.  

Now, just keep tying knots of tulle...over and over...until you reach the length you need. Insert tension rod underneath bed. If you don't have a place for both ends to line up, consider using cable ties. We had to do this on one end because the post on the foot board was curved on the inside, so we cable tied it to a plank.

Once rod is secure fluff out pieces of tulle. I also had to trim about 5 inches off the bottom because I made it too long.

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