Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Gina's Cheese Grits & Sausage

It's possible I love my friend Gina even more after her sharing this recipe :) Perfect comfort food dinner for cold nights! It's especially handy on nights when taking the nugget to dance so hubby doesn't have to cook while taking care of the twins!

Changes from original recipe...

I don't do jalepenos. And I remembered the white corn in the checkout line in the store...no way in you-know-where was I going back through the store with 1yo twins in tow. I do without if I don't remember during the mad dash through the store to be done before they get bored. The dish was beyond scrumptious without the corn if you forget too.

Also, my crockpot may be faster than normal because after about two hours it was browning on the edges and was completely cooked even on low. So, the first time you make it, watch it closely to gage how long your cooker will take.


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