Sunday, March 22, 2015

Quiet Box: Extra Ideas #1

So only about three weeks in to quiet boxes, I had to start rotating out because things got to easy. I thought with only playing with one box for an hour once a week would be such a short time she wouldn't have everything memorized, but no such luck. Here's a few things I added in the past couple of weeks.

Number wheel. Picture shows one from a Rapunzel pack but there are several others.

Number sorting with Disney princesses.

I made a laminated sheet of her full name and phone number so she can begin learning it.

Changed up this activity from a puzzle and letter identification to alphabetizing. This one ended up being a challenge - she knows all upper and lower case letters and can identify them in words, etc, but actually having to put them in order was hard. She sang the song until she reached each letter to figure out the next one. I was about ready to pull my hair out by the time we got to Z. I will be adding more alphabetizing activities with Legos and laminated cards soon.

She loves bingo markers. I have made these sight word cards using cut up cracker and cereal boxes. I write a word on with a Sharpie and let her go to town. FYI, the dollar store bingo markers are great, but seep through card stock...that's the reason for the cardboard. And the cardboard boxes are great for painting too :)

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