Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Crockpot Browned Hamburger Meat

Y'all. Life. Changing. I had no idea you could brown hamburger meat in a crockpot. The even better part is that often you can use the crockpot after you've strained the meat to finish whatever your meal may be. 

From frozen my one pound block of hamburger meat browned in 1 hour on high and another 1/2 hour on low. The first time I tried it I needed 2 lbs and it took 2 hours on high (hence the first picture). Word to the wise...leave it alone for the most part. The first time I made it I I was so fascinated by the discovery that I kept poking at it and using my spatula to grind the pieces I scraped off the frozen chuck. The meat became too ground up leaving a weird texture for the chili I was making. This time I just scraped off the frozen chunk occassionally and didn't try to grind/chop up with my spatula until it was all cooked and it was perfect.

After straining, put it back in if needed and keep on cooking!

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