Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Best High Chair on the Planet

I have to credit my sister-in-law for this one. The Boon high chair is the best thing ever. It is on a pedestal with wheels and I can pull it all over my first floor - MK plays in it while I cook in the kitchen, and we can pull it right up to the table when we eat dinner (you can adjust the height to fit your table). We also put her in it after she finishes a bottle and we have to do other things around the house and don't have time to sit (she has stage 2 reflux, so she is supposed to sit still for 15 minutes after bottles - which is a HUGE challenge now).  The toys are attached to the high chair with toy strings (I can't recall proper name - you can get them at Buy Buy Baby), and I also use pacifier clips.  The Boon also has no crevices, so it is super easy to clean.  The tray can be removed and replaced using one hand, and it comes with two tray covers that pop off and go in the dishwasher. 

I won't lie, this is a pricey high chair - I think most places it is about $230.  To me, it has been worth every penny, and she's only used for about three weeks now. I recommend ordering from Buy Buy Baby and using a 20% off coupon as Boon is not an excluded brand (note: Buy Buy Baby is owned by Bed Bath and Beyond, so their coupons work too - but Buy Buy Baby will not take expired coupons).  No store keeps the larger high chairs in stock, so no matter what you will have to order and pay shipping.  Happy eating!

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