Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MK and her City Mini

For those of you that I bragged about our Peg Perego to - I lied to you. It is not the greatest stroller ever. It broke in three places within two weeks after just three months of use. So, it went to the Buy Buy Baby in the sky (which thanks to them for taking back even though was purchased at Christmas) and we brought back a fab stroller that I hope will serve us better - the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. An actual jogging stroller that has the extras sold separately. It rides MUCH smoother, is just as compact, has the same amount of storage, better back support for MK and it's just cool :) We bought the child compartment for toys and snacks, and the parent compartment for mommy's drink and iPhone. Next addition will be the cooler that straps to the bottom come football season!

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