Saturday, November 24, 2012

New House

I finally have a few pictures of the new house to show - so far it is just the photos of the rooms that were cleaned up for Thanksgiving :)  Here are the before photos if you want to see the difference. I hope to get the rest of the rooms soon to add to this post.

Master Suite
This room was painted and we hung new window treatments.

Master Bath
In this room we painted, hung new curtains and installed a ceiling fan.

All we did in here was paint

Dining Room
This room was painted. The chandelier, window treatments and curtains came with the house.  The dining room suit belonged to my parents. They purchased it the year I was born and am thankful my mother passed it down to me (along with her china!).

Living Room
Painted, hung new curtains, installed flat screen (control units, gaming boxes, Blu Ray, etc. wired through the fireplace into the playroom)

Nothing has been done in here yet - just the little scrapbook paper banners on the windows.  Probably won't do anything in here for a while.

My craft nook in the playroom

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