Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Cookies!

This annual tradition started with my aunt Sharon and I. We started making Christmas cookies when I was in high school (I think), and we've expanded it over the years to include all the Lovelady women (plus Cage) so that it is an extra special Christmas tradition. Of course, each year we eat more than we take home for our families - but that is to be expected I think.

We always make "Mother's Cookies" and then we mix it up with another type of cookie. We've done Reese's Cup cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and then there was the dreaded bird's nest fiasco of 2010. Anyway, there's probably another name for Mother's Cookies, but since our Gigi used to make them, they are named after her in our family. They are essentially pecan sandies with almond icing - the most fantastic cookies ever. 

This year, for the second choice, my cousin Ashley (she's been crazy enough to host this venture the past couple of years - actually brave is the better word) got smart and decided to do Christmas cookies for Santa - where she pre-made the sugar cookie dough, and then we let the kids cut them out and decorate them. With three kiddos trying to help in the kitchen, this was a great way to keep the little hands occupied with something fun. They seemed to have a blast - and are very creative too!

Also, Super Ash made Christmas aprons for all of us (and Cage even got a boy apron trimmed in camo).

Mallie Kate, Lily, Ann Catherine and Cage

 Mine and Lily's Pizza Cookie
 MK trying to decorate her cookies for Santa

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