Friday, December 21, 2012

The Ultimate Torment: Pictures with Santa

So everyone knows most toddlers don't do well with Santa. Therefore, we decided that we wouldn't put MK through the torture of going to the mall to visit Santa--we'd do what we did the year before and borrow a friends' Santa suit and take pictures at the house (and thus saving $40 as well!)

We had thought we could make it easier on her by watching our friend Lance (who plays Santa for us - now an annual thing) put on the beard and hat, etc., thus being able to see it was really Lance who was dressed up. No. Sir.  She didn't even have to see the beard and hat - it was bad enough to see the red suit.

So then, Paul thought, "I wonder what would happen if she saw me put on the suit..."  so we tried that - and that upset the poor thing even more. I bet she was wondering why the red suit man ate daddy :(

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