Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hospital Adventures

So the new year didn't begin exactly as I had planned. Bit came down with a stomach virus one Saturday night. It came on so suddenly and fiercely that we thought it was food poisoning. She was vomiting all over us, her bed, our bed, the floor, etc. Then after that was over, the diarrhea hit on Sunday. By Sunday evening she had had nothing to eat in 24 hours and was refusing to drink a single sip. We tried to force it down her, which only led to her spitting water in our faces.

The refusal to drink earned us a ticket to the Children's Hospital emergency room to get her put on fluids. The IV kept her hydrated, but she still would refuse to drink--and kept refusing until Monday evening. She finally sipped some Pedialyte and we were so thrilled!  Our joy was short-lived, because as she starting getting better, we started feeling a little nauseated.

Well, you guessed it - we came down with the same stomach virus while staying with MK at Children's. And, of course since it was a virus, there was little to be done other than let it run its course...all night long :) 

Tuesday morning Paul and I are feeling terrible, but we are in good spirits because MK was feeling better and was released from the hospital.

It was a horrid family experience that I hope to never repeat. We are very thankful to those who brought food, meds and Lysol to us during our time of need :)

Bit with her IV - it had to be wrapped because she kept trying to pull it out.

Riding around in the hospital room in a red wagon. Since she was so contagious, we couldn't leave the room. So, we made our own fun inside the room.

My favorite pic - on the way out of the hospital!

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Elizabeth Emerson said...

Bless her little heart. How gutwrenching to see that sweet little arm with an iv :-( We are so happy she is better and you guys, too!