Friday, January 18, 2013

Snowbaby Adventures

We experienced MK's first snowfall this past week. She enjoyed it much more than I thought she would. It began snowing while she was at school, and when I picked her up and brought her outside, she squealed and we tried to catch snowflakes.

When we got home, we played in it for about three minutes. She wasn't really dressed warm enough, and of course being in Alabama, I wanted to let her play in it before it started melting. She enjoyed trying to catch the snowflakes, but to my surprise, she decided to eat them :)

When daddy got home, the snow had already started melting, but we went out and played again, and while mommy and daddy threw snowballs at MK and each other, she sat down on the ground and had a snowflake snack.

Who knew snowflakes were so tasty?

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