Friday, May 31, 2013

Future Bean Counter

Truly. I gave my child three bags of beans to play with in a bin courtesy of Pinterest, and she had a ball. Cried when it was time for dinner and she had to quit moving beans from one bowl to the other.

Word to the wise - using our kitchen helper so she could play on the kitchen counter, bean play was a disaster. While she was completely enthralled and occupied, she'd drop them and I swear one managed to bounce all the way to the dining room. Next time, I put it on her playroom table (a carpeted room), and seeing as the beans didn't have far to fall, they didn't bounce (also obviously because on carpet they didn't bounce). And, since the table was her level, she bent down and easily picked them up.  Of course, being 18 months, she did dump out the entire bin after about 35-40 minutes. But, on the carpet, they all fell in a pile that was extremely easy to clean up.

Oddly enough, she seems partial to the pinto beans :)

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