Thursday, May 30, 2013

We've Got To Pray Just To Make It Today

Wise words MC Hammer. 

A couple of weeks ago, MK starting holding her hands out when we sat down to dinner - she's gotten used to the blessing the food routine.  Of course, our hearts just melt when she does it and her whole hand grasps one of each of our fingers.  Today, dinner was running late, and mommy and daddy were both picking off our plates as we laid out the dinner fare because we were so hungry. As we actually sat down and still kept grabbing off our plates, MK sat quietly and held out both of her two little hands, reminding us that it was blessing time.  Mommy almost cried it was so sweet. After we were finished and took our first blessed bite of food, she stuck her hands out again, so we blessed the food again. And again, and again.  We ended up blessing it six times I think before she spotted the rolls and got distracted.

There aren't many toddler compulsory behaviors I don't get tired of, but this one I think is a good one to repeat :)

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