Sunday, May 11, 2014

Things I Love Repurposing

1. Archer Farms (Target brand) spice jars into flower bud vases

2. Baby formula containers to dry goods storage containers (flour, sugar, etc.). Also great for craft and art supplies. I'm sure I've saved at least $100 on baking/craft/art storage. At least I tell myself that to make the enormous amount of formula for two babies not seem so painful :)

3. Coffee creamer bottles. Great for Cheerios, Goldfish, etc. I also use them for things I pour a lot - sugar, Splenda, etc.

4. Baby wipe boxes for small item storage in pantry, utility drawers, etc.

5. Small jars (pimento cheese, capers) make great jars for my homemade essential oil creams and body butters. Just make sure to store in a dark place since they aren't dark glass.

6. Soup cans make great holders for utensils for parties (that you can make to match decor), art supply holders (make sure no sharp edges for little ones), and sometimes a cute flower bud vase if you have a lot of them.

7. Candle jars also make great holders for art supplies like brushes, and make up brushes. And, yes, I am that OCD that I have a brush for each shade and have them labeled. 

8. Spray bottles. I hoard these like crazy to make my own cleaning products, outdoor sprays to ward off bugs. I save all little ones too for travel sized whatever I may need.

9. Gelato containers. These make great travel snack jars. Wide enough for little hands (and big hands too), sturdy enough to keep snacks from getting squished, and fit in some cup holders. Also acts as it's own bowl. Gives me a great reason to keep chomping on my sea salt caramel gelato!

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