Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Quiet Box: Tuesday

For an introduction, see Monday's post (link below).

I will say the lego picture activity took a lot of mommy help...this may have been too advanced for her, but I think she did great and got the hang of it by the third one. This one did take a lot of concentration, and it was toward the end of our quiet box time, so I'll probably move it first next time.

The pattern blocks for tanagrams were the only thing I spent real money on for these.  I found a bag of 100 (that i split down the middle for two days worth of activities) for $10. Cheapest I could find on Amazon was $13 for foam blocks and I know those aren't sturdy enough for my kiddos.

You'll see some of the same links throughout the week. I've broken the activity packs down and spread them out. I keep printing out more to use when we run out...I change them out each Sunday.

Here's more on my Little Learners Pinterest board.

Wednesday Box
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