Thursday, May 03, 2012

Apptivity Case

We all know babies love to put their hands on your cell phone.  But they drool, spit up and throw things.  Fisher Price's Apptivity Case is a great product - in theory.  It could use a couple of improvements.  First, it is very very difficult to get the phone in and out.  You have to have a knife or something similar to get the twist lock on and off - which I get so kids can't pop it out, but it doesn't make for a quick toy.  Second, if you put your iPhone in the way suggested in the directions, you can't push the 'home' button to close an app. 
Luckily, to fix the first problem of being too difficult to access, we happened to have an old iPhone 3 that I converted into an iPod (just disabled all of the phone settings), and we put music, a couple of animated movies and some baby apps on.  And, my husband figured out if you flip the iPhone the other way, you can access the 'home' button.  But, you still can't access the 'screen off' button - so you have to wait until the app closes itself due to inactivity - which drains the battery.

Overall, I still think it's a neat product, and we've made it work, but I hope to see an Apptivity Case 2.0 soon.

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