Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A New Home Of Faith

My husband and I have found a new church home. It wasn't an easy search for us. I was raised Presbyterian and my husband is Jewish. The pastor of the church I grew up in was very accepting of my husbands faith and heritage - he never questioned, always involved him and made him feel like a true member of the church.  There was a long history there - I babysat his kids, he married us and we both worked with him on a capital campaign for the church.  So when he left after some unhappiness in the church from others, we didn't think we'd find a place where we both felt at home.  It was a hard decision for me as I had been active in that particular church since I was four years old.  I left with some anger in my heart, and that anger left me wondering what was next.  I was scared to look, so we didn't visit any churches for several years. 

Finally, in 2009, I felt like I was ready to begin searching again and decided I wanted to stay within the denomination which I was raised (Presbyterian Church USA), and after visiting several, found one that we love.  There are a few mixed-faith families and everyone welcomes my husband with open arms, and no questions asked.  We found a Sunday school class that helps us incorporate both of our faiths in our parenting.  MK was recently baptized there, and we've enjoyed getting to know our new church family, made some great friends and not only have restarted our faith journey together, but now we get to do it as a family.
Me & MK in the church's courtyard

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