Friday, November 02, 2012

Thanksgiving Wall Decor

This was fairly simple - an old canvas wall decor, covered with burlap. Then, my super hubby drilled nails underneath one of the wood panels so I can swap out words for the season: THANKS, JOY, BLOOM, HOP, etc. This hangs in our guest room to bring a little seasonal joy :)

If I were going to make it again, I would paint the canvas first to cover up the design, rather than doing two layers of burlap. Two layers made it too puffy on the edges. The letters started off to be orange, but ended up being a coral color that was terrible for a fall piece. I should have matched colors with the ribbon before painting the letters - an obvious mistake - but I was trying to finish too quickly. I also wouldn't use a ribbon you can see through - it was very pretty on the spool, but the dull burlap color overtakes the orange and silver polka dots on the ribbon.

The Christmas word, JOY (much bigger letters than these), will be painted in red metallic paint - with probably a solid, silver ribbon. Stay tuned :)

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